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Lost in the Abyss

I don't know about any of you, but this last year has been brutal for a lot of us. Between a a pandemic (yes, friends, COVID is still out there), the "us versus them" mentality, and us healthcare workers being used as pawns for political figures, I'm just tired.

I started this website hoping to have the opportunity to educate others about mental health and, in the process, my own mental health deteriorated. I have found myself tired and unmotivated for quite some time, now. Granted, I have a mystery autoimmune disorder contributing to that feeling. Overall, though, a LOT of us are tired and burned out.

The pandemic rages on. Variant after variant, our frontline healthcare workers face further trauma. For those of you that are not aware, our bodies are not built to sustain this level of intensity for an extended period of time. I've seen more and more frontline workers coming through my doors for help with depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and trauma related illnesses. And healthcare organizations continue to expect healthcare workers to do more an more with less and less and I already see that it will not end well.

The truth and science no longer hold weight. Individuals watching a video on the internet have suddenly become experts on subjects that many of us have spent years studying. And you can't interject science into conversations because it starts a raging debate between "us" and "them".

And PLEASE don't get me started on politics. I made a commitment that I would never discuss politics on my site because I honestly don't think that there are many politicians who truly put the interests of their constituents above their own self-interests.

All of this had led many of us to feel defeated, dejected, overwhelmed, unappreciated, and alone. I don't know a single healthcare worker that got into healthcare for the money. All the workers I've known got into healthcare because we truly believed we could make a difference in someone's life.

I raised the flag last year with my post about my fellow healthcare workers drowning. This isn't something that a pizza party will fix. We need a sustainable plan to help support our healthcare infrastructure. I don't have to tell you what will happen if all of the nurses leave the bedside. I know that the organization where I work has been looking at sustainability for quite some time and have made many positive steps in the right direction.

But we're still tired, and many of us are still drowning. I continue to work toward identifying and helping support my fellow healthcare workers that are in distress. I'll put my head on the pillow knowing that I have done the best I could for today. I hope that you will do the same.

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